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If you're usually reaching for another Kleenex this time of year due to those always-fun fall allergies, there's some good news this year in Minnesota.

This is some company I wish I wasn't necessarily in, but I find that I've joined the over 67 million other Americans who are allergy sufferers. Especially during the fall. A year ago, when we were just getting back from a trip to Europe, I was routinely taking some allergy meds I got while were in Rome, Italy (back when we could still GO overseas) and I just couldn't stop sneezing.

This year, though, there is some good news when it comes to those fall allergies. At least, according to pollen.com that is. While researching what it is that could be causing my allergies (I must have sneezed 8 to 10 times while watching the ACM Awards the other night.)

And usually, this time of year IS bad for those of us with allergies in Minnesota. Typically, pollen levels this time of year very easily get into what experts call 'high' or 'medium-high,' and often stay there for days or weeks at a time. Which is what usually causes the 'ol snot and sneeze factor to hit high levels as well.

But THIS year, pollen.com is reporting something much different. In fact, their current pollen forecast for Rah-Rah-Rochester has been in the 'low' category for several allergy-causing pollens! Yay! Although it still lists Ragweed, Cheopods and Sagebrush as the top allergy-causing pollens right now in southeast Minnesota.

So, while perhaps, like me, you've been sneezing too-- it's apparently much better this year than other years in mid-September. You can check the pollen forecast for southeast Minnesota HERE. And keep scrolling for some tips on how to boost your immune system so you can stay healthier this fall. Now, pass the Kleenex, will ya? ;)

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