This viral video makes me so anxious every time I watch it! Up in northern Minnesota, way up there in Lake of the Woods, the ice house removal date was March 21st. However, with the temperatures rising the way they were, the snow and ice were already starting to melt.

With the deadline for northern Minnesota being March 21st, some people hadn't removed their ice house yet including a fishing guide named Eric Best. He's the one who took the viral video, which I found through FOX 9.

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In the video, you see Eric and someone else attempting to remove an ice house in Lake of the Woods. They're driving on the ice road that's been plowed... except the road is insanely flooded. The lake had already started to melt and ice fishers were not prepared.

Check out the video. Just a heads up, there's some swearing in it (and I don't blame them, I'd be swearing too).

Isn't that scary?! The whole time I'm convinced they're going to fall through the ice. Geez...

I guess the moral of the story is if you ice fish, pay attention to the weather and maybe consider removing your ice house early if it's looking warm enough. You'd hate to end up having to go through something like this or losing your ice house in the melting lake.

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