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Go Fishing With KDHL
And there is still room to join us on a great trip to Ballard's. Transportation, lodging, meals, guided ice fishing, fish cleaning are all included. I am excited to be your host this year for the trip.
Wheeled Fish House License
It's going to be a bit around this area before you can put a fish house on a lake. But if you have a wheeled fish house, you know one of those that can double as a camper for example, you need to buy a license for it before you put it on the ice.
How Safe is the Ice?
Last Friday, the Rice County Sheriff's Department asked local ice fishing enthusiasts to stop driving their vehicles on Rice County lakes, due to the unseasonably warm weather we've been experiencing this month. As of January 20, three vehicles have gone through the ice; luckily no one was…
Learn To Ice Fish
Ice fishing in Minnesota is a rite of passage just as important as that first deer hunt you take part in. Each winter little villages of ice fishing houses pop up all over the lakes that pepper our entire state and hundreds if not thousands more drag their little portables out there as well...

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