When one woman shared a video to social media of her receiving table-side service of a gold-topped steak at a high-end restaurant, she never expected to rack up over 3 million views. She also didn't expect all of the controversy that was to come from Twitter.

Twitter via @KhaParisDior
Twitter via @KhaParisDior

A fancy dinner with your fiancé seems like quite the pleasant experience, right? Well, the rest of social media had some thoughts when one woman shared her experience at a steak-house online.

See the initial post from @KhaParisDior on Twitter below.

Seems like a simple enough post, as a "light-flex" after a very nice dinner with her husband-to-be was just another Twitter post. But, the outside opinions began to come in hot and heavy as the video went viral.

The Twitter user @KhaParisDior recognized the heat she was receiving for her post.

Even after explaining herself, the criticism continued online both in regards to the steak itself and the way the video was presented.

There were some on Twitter that came to the woman's defense.

Of course, there are tons of picky steak critics on Twitter that had the strongest of opinions regarding the cut and cook on the piece of meat.

First off, I've seen #SteakTwitter get critical many times. If anyone posts a photo of a cooked-steak on social media, it is bound to get good and/or bad feedback not matter the context.

Second of all, I am not a person to try to tell anyone else how or how not to spend their money. Not my money, not my life, not my business.

But more than the steak itself or the price of the steak, many seemed to take umbrage with how the Twitter user shared her experience.

What do you think? Did this woman deserve the criticism she received?

Whatever your answer may be, I know one thing is for certain... Steak; it's what's for dinner.

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