Upon hearing the news that Afghanistan fell into the hands of the Taliban in just a matter of weeks, as US forces withdrew from the country, I honestly couldn't wrap my mind around it. One US Marine penned an Instagram post open letter not only to the Afghan people but to all that he served for when he was overseas. Justin Orick cuts to the quick with his thoughts on the Taliban, and what his time really meant in Afghanistan now that it has been lost again to what could really only be described as a hostile government.


For 20 years our Government has spent billions in Afghanistan, sent Men and Women to die, and lined their pockets and the pockets of the private military industrial complex under the false pretenses we could win this war.

The truth is America sent dogs to Afghanistan, but wouldn’t let us off our leash. They handcuffed us, setup “rules of engagement” to deter our mission, enacted gender studies in a country that doesn’t have electricity or running water, and made sure we implemented affirmative action…because…America!

This last week we watched Afghans fight for their lives…people we promised we would protect. Only to be slaughtered by the Taliban. But the Afghans were right….they always told us “when you leave the Taliban will kill us for talking to you” and here we are…

To My Brothers and Sisters…we did what we did in good conscious, for the right reasons. We all felt that pain on 9/11 and we did what we did because it was the right thing to do. Don’t let the elite politicians ever tarnish our honor or the sacrifices our brothers and sisters made.

To The Afghans…I’m sorry my country failed you, I’m sorry I couldn’t do what we all knew needed to be done to protect you. I pray your country finds peace.

To America…wake up, you we’re lied to for 20 years by people who continue to show you they only care about their own political, and financial gain at the tax payers expense and the lives sacrificed by many. We are a weak and divided country because of these same political and elite types. If we do not band together now, we will lose everything.

To the Taliban…you’re day is coming. You’re smart, your patient, and you knew our government would be our own worst enemy. I pray we get to meet again…under different terms. Terms not dictated by my government, for you and I both know the outcome.

Pray For Afghanistan & Most of all pray for America.

Justin Orick wrote from the heart, and shares some of the same feelings that I had when I heard the news, as well as I am sure many other Americans felt when they found out that the Taliban was back in control of Afghanistan.

Some are comparing to what happened in Afghanistan to the fall of Saigon, with shots of helicopters extricating individuals from rooftops, Afghan's who worked alongside US troops as translators and others, clinging to the sides of airplanes as they take off, leaving those that served alongside the US and the now fallen country behind in their wake.

Orick wrote it best, pray for Afghanistan.

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