This might be a case of don't believe EVERYTHING you read on the internet, but I need to know if this happened. Mineral Springs Brewery in Owatonna posted this weekend that two dudes from Des Moines Iowa stopped in for a cold one on their way to the Twin Cities. Nothing too out of the ordinary right? Well, apparently these two dudes were rollerblading the entire way...crazy right?

According to the post from Mineral Springs Brewery the pair, Caleb and Jordan, stopped by on Saturday on their way to the Twin Cities. On Rollerblades.

Some of the comments from folks on the post indicate that there were seen in Geneva which makes some sense if you were heading up from Iowa, you can't take the interstate. I Googled Des Moines, IA to Minneapolis, Minnesota and avoided interstates and there are three possible recommended options. None go through Owatonna, but if you were to take 218 you'd run through Owatonna before having to change roads.

Either way, this is a pretty big feat if they did indeed reach the Twin Cities on rollerblades. That trip one way is over 275 miles and takes over 5 hours in just a car.

So my question to you is did you see these guys out rollerblading in your area, or do you know these guys? I couldn't see a share or like from Jordan or Caleb on the post, as there were quite a few to go through. I'd love to also know what lead to the idea to rollerblade that far, and also if they rollerbladed back or caught a ride from a buddy.

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