So, you’re walking along and you find a fanny pack lying on the ground. You pick it up and peek inside and find the fanny pack is full of cash – what do you do? Would you call the cops? Post a picture to social media asking for help locating the owner? Keep it? I like to believe most people would try to find the owner.

This just happened in Wisconsin and we discussed it this morning. Click play to hear the story (skip to 5:40) or keep scrolling to read the story and find out what happened.

A woman walking through a neighborhood in Madison found a fanny pack with $10,000 in it. Who walks around with $10,000 cash on them?!? The fanny pack also contained a cell phone and an ID card.

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The Good Samaritan turned the fanny pack over to Madison police. The cops then visited the address listed on the ID card but weren’t able to locate the owner.

So now what happens?

Is this a case of finders keepers? Kind of.  According to WKOW, the woman that found the fanny pack could end up with the money.

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If she wants to keep the cash – who wouldn’t? – she’ll need to post an ad in the local newspaper for two weeks searching for the rightful owner. If no one responds to the ad, she’ll then have to wait two months to make sure no one comes forward.  At that point, the money will be hers to keep.

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