Independence Day, or if you prefer, the 4th Of July, a National Holiday that celebrates our independence from the King of England and the birth of our great nation. I grew up in a blue-collar, patriotic family, and learned very young that you show respect to the flag and what it stands for. A tradition I have carried on by instilling those same values in my children.

This is a timely topic for this week, especially, when we have so many parades going on, and the proper way to show respect for the flags and color guards who are carrying them throughout the parades.


Adamson-Warmuth VFW #6624 Evans, CO via Facebook
Adamson-Warmuth VFW #6624 Evans, CO via Facebook

There will be many many flags flown at the area 4th of July parades, and it is important to note that you do not have to salute every single flag that you see, but, you should most definitely stand up for the color guards and veterans who are displaying a flag and salute the flag. There is an entire website devoted to the American flag and how to properly display and care for them. You can also check with your local VFW for information about the flag.

Come fly your flags with us at the Blooming Prairie Old Fashioned Fourth of July Parade, Thursday, July 4, at 2:30 pm!

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