It's summer. You want to get to the lake, the cabin or a summer party as soon as possible. So you push past the speed limit a little, or a lot. Be warned that extra speed enforcement continues through much of July. Law enforcement officers have heard it all when it comes to excuses for exceeding the posted limit.

Scrolling through the Minnesota State Patrol's Twitter account, I found many examples of drivers risking themselves and their fellow travelers with their antics. We all should thank the officers who are working to rein in these dangerous drivers.

Below are a few postings from @MnDPS_MSP. Each was cited for speeding or another violation.

  • 25-year-old driver going 69 in a 55-mph zone in the Twin Cities with the song "Slow Down" playing in his car. He had been ticketed the day before as well.
  • 19-year-old going nearly 100 mph in a 65 zone between Kasson and Byron. He claimed his friend was overdosing. Trooper followed the motorist and found the friend was fine.
  • 19-year-old near Bagley traveling 80 in a 65 zone while using Snapchat. Driver also had a license revocation.
  • 20-year-old in the Metro going 99 in a 55 while trying out his new Camaro.
  • 28-year-old going 105 in a 55 zone, "Driver surprised trooper didn't catch him going faster because he was racing another car and it couldn't keep up."
  • 32-year-old going 103 mph in a 65 zone of Dakota County, "His uncle just died and he wasn't paying attention."

The state patrol reminds drivers that the so-called slowpoke doesn't clear the way for speeding, "The law says when [practical] drivers need to more out of the left lane to allow vehicles to pass. Nothing in the law allows vehicles to speed."

Even though Minnesota's hands-free law goes into effect August 1, it's already illegal to text and do other social media and web searching on your phone now. I'm amazed at how many drivers I see actively using their phone. It's legal hold your phone and use it as a phone, but only until July 31.

My family's best getting pulled over story happened a few years ago after watching the Super Bowl at a friend's house. I had a tail light out and got pulled over by a South Metro officer. As she looked at my license, she peered into the back of my vehicle and said, "You got Aaron in there?" referring to my son. Then she handed the license back and said, "You're good to go." To this day we don't know how she knew him and he claims he doesn't know either.

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