Two sisters, Kerry Maggard and Deb Eggers from San Antonio, TX were trying to get to their aunt's 100th birthday party in Edgerton, MN. Due to storms, their plane had to land in Madison, WI instead of MSP and they ended up missing their connecting flight to Sioux Falls, SD. They didn't think they'd make it.

There were no more flight options that day and there were no one-way car rentals. KARE 11 says they ended up turning to Uber as a last-ditch effort. That's when the good samaritan, Jesus Florentino, comes into play.

Jesus said that he didn't know how long the trip was before he got to the curb to pick them up. When he saw it would be 400 miles round trip he agreed to the trip anyway! Kerry told KARE 11, “He was just a true answer to prayers that day and just the sweetest man."

Their Uber bill came to $216 for the trip and the sisters tipped Jesus $54. Jesus told KARE 11 that he couldn't turn down the sisters, even though the drive was 400 miles. He knew they were trying to get to their aunt's 100th birthday party and he couldn't say no.


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