Americans have roved to be pretty charitable and giving throughout their years, donating over $427 billion in 2018. Yet, just how caring are these two Minnesota cities?

They aren't just two cities, they are known as the Twin Cities. That's right, Minneapolis and St. Paul ranked no. 5 and no. 6 most caring cities in the country, according to the latest study from Wallet Hub.

Wallet Hub used 39 different indicators of a compassionate spirit to determine which cities in the U.S were the most caring.

Minneapolis was no. 22 when it came to the "Caring for the Community" rank, no. 29 in the "Caring for the Vulnerable" rank and then no. 2 for "caring in the Workforce" rank, which helped it's score great 64.63. St. Paul wasn't far behind at all, with an identical score of 64.63, and ranked no 14 in  "Caring for the Community", no. 34 in "Caring for the Vulnerable" and no. 1 in "caring for the workforce".

Minnesota was the only state with two cities in the top 10.

You can see more on this, and just how caring we are as a state right HERE.

Source: WalletHub

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