The Minnesota Department of Transportation (MDOT) announced that winter load increases will begin today on unrestricted state highways in the south frost zone and Thursday December 19, 2019 in the southeast and Metro frost zones. For details on Minnesota frost zones go to the web site: MnDOT load limits map.

Trucks will be allowed to operate up to 10 percent over the standard legal maximum loads on unrestricted state highways during the winter load increase. Trucks still have to comply with registered weight laws and not exceed the registered gross weight tolerances.

Truckers must be cautious and observe all City, County and Township weight restrictions during the Winter load increase on unrestricted state highways. The beginning and end of the winter load increase depends on the weather. MNDOT monitors the strength of the roads as weather conditions change. When the winter load increases are removed depends on when it warms up but MNDOT will give truckers a three day notice before they are removed.

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