Christmas is next week already. Wow, that time just flew by. And, if you are like me, you are not quite done shopping for gifts. Because, of course, I always think I have more time, and I inevitably forget that I have that one extra person on my list. Or, that party I forgot I was going to attend, where I need a "white elephant" gift.

Here's my list of the top gifts for under $25 that you can get at Target:

A warm throw blanket for those cold Winter nights. I want one for myself.

For the person in your life who streams their TV content. I love my Roku, and am tempted to get another one for my bedroom.

Wireless earbuds are a huge hit, and these won't break the bank.

What kid doesn't like to make slime? Here is everything you need to make 8 batches. That's lots of afternoons filled with a craft when it's too cold to go outside, or there's a blizzard.

Add another craft set on here, I could see my teen using this to make all sorts of stuff.

Who doesn't like a new set of markers, especially if you get an adult coloring book.

Speaking of adult coloring books, here's one out of several selections.

Can't forget the games, this is a great ice-breaker for the office party. You open it and start playing it right away.

Or, you could go with a nice card game, and instead of UNO, why not try Exploding Kittens. Even though the name is graphic, I promise, there are no real explosions, or kittens, or exploding kittens.

And if none of those catch your eye, you really can't go wrong with a gift basket with some yummy holiday treats.

Don't forget you can also grab a gift card if you're really strapped for ideas, or time.



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