Santa has quite the job tonight! He has to deliver presents to all the good boys and girls across the world. The age-old question is when will Santa be in Minnesota to make his delivery? Well, we don't know the exact time, but you and your kiddos can track Santa's journey tonight thanks to our friends at the North American Aerospace Defense Command. In short, it is known as  NORAD.

With the help of the armed forces, Santa's elves and some volunteers, we are able to know exactly where Santa is on his journey. The NORAD website says that they have been able to track Santa for the past 60 years. Here is a sneak peek on how they are able to make this happen.

The team at NORAD has special technology that helps them pinpoint where Santa is so that kiddos can be in bed in time for Santa to drop off all of their gifts. If you would like to watch the live steam of Santa's journey, they have it on YouTube. You can watch it below.

If you would rather track him on the NORAD website, they have a 3-D map available that shows exactly where he is. You can check this out here.

Hopefully, you and your kiddos have a fantastic and magical Christmas Eve tracking Santa's journey!

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