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There's a company called JingleRing that will bring Santa to your home on the internet machine. Kind of like what Rochester's Christmas Station did with Zoom Time with Santa (though this one has a price attached, and is way fancier). 

With Covid-19, a lot of families can't get together like they usually do. But, they can with this. The family doesn't all need to be in the same place to be together on the call with Santa. On ABC 7, JingleRing's co-creator Walt Greer said,

"So for example, if there's a military base in Japan or South Korea or somewhere over in Germany or the Middle East, we've got Santa performers who are committed to get up, working in the middle of the night, so that so that they can facilitate JingleRing experiences for those around the world..." (Keep reading about here).

They offer English and Spanish spoken language AND ASL Santa's (as well was White or Black Santa or Mrs. Claus). As of this writing, though, the Black Santa or Mrs. Claus is sold out. That may change, though, as they're actively recruiting Santa and Mrs. Claus performers. If that sounds like your kind of gig, click here.

What's it cost? The lowest price comes in at about $25 and the highest looks to be around $50. Take a look at the screen shots to see the pricing as I moved thru the screens.

Going Thru the JingleRing Process

I selected options I thought would drive the cost way up, but the final came in way under what I cynically expected, and is based way more on time of the Santa chat that anything else.

JAMES NOTE: The only thing that looks to me like a money-grab is the post Christmas Gratitude Sessions...the idea is good, but c'mon...having your kids write thank-you notes is a super inexpensive way to make the same point.

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