Airbnb has always had ideas for things to do at the destination you're traveling to, different experiences you can have. The only problem is that we can't travel. But! We can still have these experiences while staying at home with Airbnb's online experiences.

Especially now that the Stay at Home Order has been extended to May 4th, we need to get creative to keep ourselves entertained, find new things to do. After looking at the online experiences I have a handful I already want to try.

Some of the different experiences they offer are a wine class, learn the secrets of magic, and there's a family baking experience. They all cost money but none of them seem too expensive. For example, the family baking experience is $20 per person and it's an hour long. These experiences are from all around the world too, which makes it even cooler.

What cool new things have you tried during this isolation period? Let us know on our app!

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