The KDHL Medallion Hunt is over.  After receiving the third clue the Trumps found it.

Not Melania and Donald but Chrissy and daughter Kate Trump of Faribault located the Chappuis Jewelers silver medallion with artwork by Star Trophy.

The Trumps stopped by KDHL Friday morning and collected their approximately $500 in prizes including $400 in various gift cards and a $100 bill.

Kate is an outstanding athlete at Bethlehem Academy.

A integral part of the Cardinals third place team at the MSHSL State Volleyball Tournament last fall.  A starter on the basketball team in the winter and shortstop for the BA team that made it to the Section 1A Final before falling to Wabasha-Kellogg just a couple weeks ago.

So in addition to being able to crush a volleyball, shoot a three point basket and hit a home run, Kate along with her Mother are master sleuths.

The KDHL Medallion was located next to the Liz Wall Strohfus sign at the Faribault Municipal Airport.

Remember Faribault Heritage Days is celebrating the community's incorporation 150 years ago in 1872.

Clue #3 stated:

In the late 1800's Faribault was known as the "Athens of the West"
Because of the bevy of educational institutions at our behest
When the city was incorporated this city service was far into the future
It started after World War II with just one structure

An airport was unheard of in 1872 thus such a service was "far into the future."

Already established in the clues was the fact Faribault Fire services begain in 1864 and Faribault Police in 1872.

Clue #2 stated:

Faribault is observing it's 150th year of incorporation
In 1872 citizens decided they wanted services provided with such designation
The Faribault Fire Department was started in 1864, Police in 1872
The treasure you desire can be found by carefully reading this clue

Clue #1 was given on the opening day of Heritage Days 2022, Wednesday:

Time to begin the fun again of the KDHL Medallion Hunt
It's a nice possession to have silver in color with black writing on it's front
The Chappuis Jewelers silver medallion engraved by Star Trophy is what you seek
With the 150 logo on it, a collector's treasure or simply interest pique

Here were the remaining clues in this year's hunt which would have taken people right to the Liz Wall Strohfus Field sign at the airport.

Clue #4 :

If you were to make a Mount Rushmore of Faribault's elite
This woman for sure for a spot would compete
Head north and you will find this recently rebuilt facility
The Medallion sits in tranquility

The Faribault Municipal Airport had to be replaced following the tornadoes of September 2018.

Liz Wall Strohfus was a WASP (Women's Airforce Service Pilot) during World War II and gave speeches across America about those adventures.

She was undoutedly one of the most famous people ever from Faribault.

I would place her right up there with Bruce Smith (University of Minnesota's only Heisman Trophy winner) in terms of being nationally recognized.

Legendary KDHL Farm Director Dean Curtis would also be on my Mount Rushmore of famous Faribault residents.  He was President of the National Farm Broadcasters during the Nixon years in the White House.

Curtis is in the National Farm Broadcasters Hall of Fame but is not in the Minnesota Broadcasters Hall of Fame which in my opinion is senseless.

Strohfus received two Congressional Gold Medals for her service in the WASPs.  Both were group recognitions in 2009 and 2016.

She was inducted into the Minnesota Aviation Hall of Fame in 2000 and I was honored to attend the banquet.  From that time on I considered her to be a friend.  Every time we would see each other she would give me a hug and I can still hear that unique laugh.

We had a number of visits on our KDHL AM Minnesota program over the years. I remember she became a bit emotional when recalling her attempt after the war to become a commercial pilot for Northwest Airlines. Her application was rejected.

Clue #5

Wrapped in a baggy the Medallion is contained
The treasure is not far from nature's drain
You'll find it near the sign for the city's airport
Like it's namesake Liz Wall Strohfus, the south post is short

Liz was a small bundle of energy even into her 90's.  She passed away  March 6, 2016.

Her induction plaque into the Minnesota Aviation Hall of Fame states, "One of Minnesota's most visible aviation ambassadors."

In 1991, at age 71, Liz piloted a F-16.  When she spoke about it on our show she would light up with her infectious smile.

She was a past Grand Marshal of the Heritage Days Parade.

I hope everyone who searched had fun looking for the KDHL Medallion which will be a collector's item because it will be the only one with a 150 logo on it.

This seems appropriate for our article.

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