If you are struggling with ways to keep your kids entertained now that the weather seems to have turned towards spring, you might want to head out to Trinity Lutheran Church on Saturday March 26 for the Trinity Radio Club fundraiser that is bringing professional wrestling to Faribault.

The Trinity Radio Club has been putting on various types of fundraisers over the years, to supplement their club and to broadcast Trinity's Sunday morning services on KDHL, and three years ago the radio club tried something a little different with the addition of professional wrestling.

Tickets are $12 per person with children 5 and under free, with the doors opening at 1:00 pm (enter from the 4th street from doors - across from McDonald’s). Wrestling will begin at 2pm.

The event page on Facebook describes the event as being "an afternoon of high-flying and hard-hitting action!" But parents shouldn't be discouraged from bringing along their children, as the event is going to be family-friendly.

I actually ran into one of the scheduled wrestlers at the Minnesota State Wrestling Tournament at the Xcel Energy Center, and he was REALLY excited to be coming back to Faribault as he was one of the wrestlers that were slated to compete two years ago before COVID-19 forced the cancelation the show/fundraiser.

People who appreciate the craft and this form of entertainment don't often know how much work these independent performers put into each show, often only knowing their opponent informally and working out a match and moves most times just a few hours before the bell rings.

When I know the full line-up of performers I will update this post.

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