ARDEN HILL -- The 34th Red Bull Infantry Division for the Minnesota National Guard will have a new commanding general.

Army Major General Mike Wickman will relinquish is command of the division to Army Brig. General Charles Kemper in a Change of Command ceremony Saturday in Adren Hills.

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Kemper will assume command after serving as the division's Assistant Division Commander since 2018.

Army Major General Shawn Manke says General Kemper will continue to maintain the legacy of those who have come before him.

His former command experiences, coupled with his experience as the Assistant Division Commander, make him the best-qualified person for this job.

Wickman will assume duties as the US Army Europe and Africa Deputy Commanding General for the Army National Guard later this month.

The Minnesota National Guard has more than 13,000 Soldiers and Airman who serve in 58 communities across the state.


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