Just when you thought it was over... here comes winter again! Temperatures below zero and now, driving home from work, I saw the dreaded white stripes on the pavement.

Yep, these can only mean one thing... bad weather is coming yet again. Don't get me wrong, I know next week's temperatures look awesome and winter is almost over.

Further, I do appreciate the fact that our cities are able to treat the roads to help us get everywhere. It's not them I am frustrated with.

I'm frustrated with Mother Nature herself. I just want to be free from this, the newest longest winter ever. I want to be outside, frolicking in a t-shirt, at least until my kid starts complaining he is too hot and we are forced back inside like some cruel joke.

I'm in the denial stage right now. On the road I kept telling myself maybe they were just using up all of the chemicals now before the end of winter! You know, just emptying their tank? That could be true, right? Right?

Nah, it looks like we are going to get some more rain/ice/snow on Monday at least. Probably won't be the end of it either.

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