It feels like there are even more live streams available now than ever before! These are some fun live streams to check out when you desperately want to travel somewhere but you can't right now.

There's a huge list of different live streams to check out that Kastalia Medrano and Joe McGauley from Thrillist put together. You can check that out HERE.

This is a short list of different live streams to check out that will allow you to travel around the world without leaving your couch!

1. We're going to start off this list by going all the way to Africa! We have a live stream called Africam where you can check out different cameras in South Africa. Or if there's not a lot of activity going on, on the live cameras, you can check out cool highlights.

2. Next stop, let's come back to the US for a second a take a look at this Bubble Stream. I think this is the cutest thing, a couple in Florida set this up in their backyard and you can click a button that controls bubbles in their backyard which you can then watch on the live stream!

3. Going back out of the country, if you believe in the Loch Ness Monster you might want to check this out: a live stream of Loch Ness to watch for Nessie.

4. Let's take a break at the beach, shall we? This website gives you tons of different beach cams from around the US for you to enjoy! Take your pick!

5. Sticking in the US for a second, you can watch for brown bears in Alaska at Brooks Falls in Katmai National Park.

6. And for our last stop, let's check out this live stream of a Costa Rican volcano! This is the Arenal Volcano, which, according to Thrillist, is the youngest volcano in Costa Rica.

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