Chlorpyrifos is an organophosphate that is used on a number of crops in Minnesota. Chlorpyrifos is the chemical name for a product that is used quite a lot to treat soybean fields for soybean aphids. Almost all farmers recognize the brand or trade name Lorsban. Some soybean aphid populations have developed resistance to the pyrethroid class of insecticides. That has led to more use of Lorsban to treat soybean aphids.

Since 2010 chlorpyrifos detections in surface waters in Minnesota has increased. "It is important to understand the current issues with soybean aphid control and the label requirements for chlorpyrifos application. This webinar will provide information on proper use of chlorpyrifos, soybean aphid control and pyrethroid resistant soybean aphids to help you better manage soybean aphids."

There is no cost to watch the webinar and no special computer programs are needed. When you pre-register you will receive a confirmation email and a reminder email with a link. To pre-register go to the home page of the Minnesota Department of Agriculture website where there is a link.

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