Trace Adkins has a reminder for country fans during this difficult period in American history: Tough people still outlast tough times.

Adkins has re-recorded his 2012 song "Tough People Do" with new lyrics to reflect the current coronavirus pandemic and quarantine. Watch the new, live music video during this exclusive Taste of Country premiere.

While never released on an album, Adkins recorded and cut a live music video for "Tough People Do" in the summer of 2012, just as election time was heating up. He introduced the song during the Republican National Convention that year, but never intended it as a political song.

Fast forward to 2020 and find Adkins at home, watching the news and hearing people say how times are tough, but we'll get through them. Inspiration struck, and within a short time his band leader had worked up a new arrangement for the group to record. Cameras were added to make it a moment that reflects today.

“I wish that we could perform it. I think people need to hear it," Adkins tells Taste of Country during a phone call, sharing that the deep cut has always been among his favorites.

Chris DuBois and company's lyrics in the second and third verse of the song were updated ("Price of gas is up and the market's down" was changed to "Unemployment's up and the market's down," for example) but the optimistic chorus remains the same. The song spotlights not only Adkins' grit, but the grit of every American during difficult times. It's a blue-collar way of reminding the country that this too shall pass. Adkins' band recorded the song practicing safe social distancing measures, but the singer hopes that changes soon.

In the meantime, Adkins — who's at home isolating with wife Victoria — says he feels a bit guilty about how well he's doing during this very difficult time in America. His family and friends are all healthy, and there is work to be done catching up on old projects he's been putting off for years.

“I don’t like to participate in those discussions that other people are having about how difficult this has been because it hasn’t been for me,” he admits.

Still, he wants to get back to work. Like all artists, Adkins' tour bus is parked for the time being, but he's optimistic he'll play shows again in 2020, perhaps as soon as this summer.

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