Over a 17 day period, the Minnesota State Patrol cited 78 drivers for going 100 or more miles an hour on Minnesota roadways. During the same 17 day period in 2019, the Minnesota State Patrol cited 22 drivers. 

The Minnesota State Patrol tweeted out this morning the eyebrow-raising statistic.

The tweet also reminded Minnesota drivers that "The speed limit isn't a suggestion, it's the law."

The 78 citations over 17 days mean that the Minnesota State Patrol is writing a little more than 4 a day compared to a little more than 1 a day last year.

Also from the Department of Public Safety during roughly that same time span of March and April, there have been "31 fatal crashes on Minnesota roads since March 16, resulting in 35 deaths." That's an increase over the same period of 11 from last year.

My guess is that with fewer people on the roads, it might be easier to get up and go.

Be safe out there Minnesota. And like the State Patrol is saying, slow down.

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