ST. PAUL -- We have a clearer picture on which businesses, events, and gatherings will open up first, and which will be last to be allowed, under orders by Minnesota Governor Tim Walz.

He released a graphic that displays the order in which he'll allow businesses to open in workplace settings, social settings, and school settings.  However, a timeline for each has not been released.

Modeling dial

Walz says "Our lives will look different for quite some time. As we move forward, I want you to know how we're making our decisions.  Before we turn these dials, we will carefully consider public health, economic, and societal impacts."

Under the "Social Settings Dial," the Governor's Stay At Home order runs until May 4th.

Thursday he announced schools will continue distance learning for the remainder of the school year, under the "School Settings Dial."

And, under the "workplace settings dial", he announced Office and Industrial businesses can open up on Monday.

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