The Rice County Health Department issued the following news release in to educate us more about the Governor's latest order opening up more businesses and manufacturer's in the state.  Many links to more details are included.

"On April 23rd, Governor Walz signed Executive Order 20-40 allowing workers in some sectors, including industrial, manufacturing, and office-based businesses to return to safe workplaces, subject to conditions beginning April 27th.

Businesses must establish and implement a COVID-19 Preparedness Plan before workers return to work. At a minimum, each plan must include:

  • Requiring work from home whenever possible
  • Ensuring that sick workers stay home
  • Spacing and social distancing measures
  • Implementing employee hygiene and source control measures
  • Cleaning and disinfection protocols

Senior management must sign and certify the plan, indicating their commitment to implement and follow the plan, and the plan must be disseminated and posted, with training for employees provided.

Full guidance and a template for a COVID-19 Preparedness Plan can be found here:

Below are some additional links to workplace resources from the Centers for Disease Control and Minnesota Department of Health (MDH) to guide businesses during the COVID-19 pandemic. Rice County Public Health encourages employers to review the recommendations and follow them to help protect your business, customers, and employees.

The MDH website also has printable signage that can be used to help educate employees and customers. Please consider posting or distributing:

Full details of Executive Order 20-40 can be found here:

Together we can reduce the spread of COVID-19!  

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