Trace Adkins has a released a beautifully relaxing music video for his newest single "Watered Down." The clip spotlights farm life and shows how things look just a little bit simpler with age.

Readers can press play above to see the "Watered Down" music video. Viewers first see Adkins heading into the kitchen of a quaint farmhouse to pour a cup of coffee. He spends some time out on the farm, putting in a hard day's work: fixing a tractor, moving hay and building a brush bonfire -- and when he heads to a bar, it's coffee he's drinking, not alcohol. Adkins' "cheers" to the woman sippin' something strong across the bar and his wry smile at the bottles behind the counter show he's remembering his younger, wilder years, but moved on from them.

Written by Matt Jenkins, Trevor Rosen and Shane McAnally, “Watered Down” is the first single from Adkins' forthcoming new album, Something’s Going On. As its accompanying music video suggests, the song is a slower tune that finds Adkins reflecting on growing up, settling down and raising a little less hell: “I don’t go all in, but I’ll take a gamble / And I don’t burn both ends of the candle anymore … We still like our whiskey / Now it’s just a little watered down.”

“When I first heard “Watered Down,” I felt an immediate connection with what I wanted to say,” Adkins explains. “A man comes to a point in his life where he begins to reflect on his past and what he’s learned, and that’s what fueled this song. If you’ve led the kind of life I’ve led, at some point you have to temper your vices.”

Adkins’ 12th studio album, Something’s Going On, will drop on March 31; it will be his first release on BBR Music Group’s Wheelhouse Records. The record is available for pre-order on iTunes now!

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