There was an empty desk behind mine at the studio that began to collect things I had picked up over the years. Something I had gotten at a convention, Pork Congress, Minnesota Ag Expo, maybe a meeting. The desk also began to collect pranks that certain "friends" have given me too. I do not understand why everybody picks on me. I never pick on anyone.

  • 1

    April Fool's Flamingo

    This 6-foot flamingo was hanging outside the back door of the studio a few years ago when I got there at 4AM. Even though it was April Fool's Day I was still surprised. There was no question it was for me because I get there about two hours before anyone else.

  • 2

    April Fool's Skunk

    The next year on April Fool's Day, I was walking to the side door of the studio at 4AM and I could smell a skunk. There was this toy skunk lying by the back door. A certain friend had picked up some skunk sent from Cabela's so I would think it was a real skunk!

  • 3

    Big Boy Pants

    It is well known I do not wear blue jeans, even out at the farm. So a certain friend bought these Minnesota Gopher pants and gave them to me. He called them Big Boy Pants and dared me to wear them at the North American Farm and Power Show.

  • 4

    A Skunk Cap

    A friend that heard about the skunk for April Fool's Day thought I should make it into a skunk cap. A month later he was at the grocery store and saw a bunch of prank caps. Wouldn't you know he found a skunk cap!

  • 6

    Baby Bib and Cup

    With the Goodhue County Fair approaching, the Goodhue County ADA gave me this baby bib and cup. They wanted to make sure I did not spill any of the free malts from their malt stand!

  • 7

    Popcorn Seed

    A friend of mine knew I grew corn and sweet corn. However, he liked popcorn so he had this bag of HEM popcorn seed delivered to the studio. The invoice with the HEM popcorn seed said $625 including tax and delivery. In addition it was cash on delivery!

  • 8

    Repair Kit for John Deere Combine

    A couple of years ago, a certain equipment dealer that sold silver combines gave me this Fix It Kit for my John Deere Combine. Duct tape and WD-40!

  • 9

    Pain In the A$$

    Another friend that owns a restaurant in downtown Faribault and a gift store gave me this block. Yes they have gag gifts too, I might be a pain in the a$$, but at least I am her favorite pain in the a$$.

  • 10

    Green and Red Tractors

    Another friend knew I had a 1958 John Deere 820 and a toy 820 on my desk. He thought a red tractor would give the office a "little class," so he gave me this toy Farmall H. Yes the Farmall H does get along with my John Deere 820 on my desk!

  • 10

    Can I keep a plant alive?

    A few years ago my ag banker gave me this plant for Christmas. However, he said if I could not keep the plant alive my farm loan would not be renewed! I guess he assumed if I could keep a plant alive I could also raise corn and soybeans.


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