The past couple of weekends I took advantage of the nice weather to haul corn. I had some hedges in December I rolled to March and recently fixed the basis. I have a neighbor just down the road three-quarters of a mile who needs to buy corn for their hog operation. A couple of years ago they built a new elevator and feed mill. My hedges were with WFS and it so happens they buy some corn from WFS. They paid WFS for the corn, WFS will pay me and I can deliver the corn to my neighbor just down the road. What a deal! I don't have the haul the corn 8 or 10 miles and no waiting in line.

I weigh my load on their scale, pull into the elevator and start to unload. While I am unloading the truck I take a sample and the moisture tester prints the test weight and moisture. Then its back to the scale to weigh back. It prints my gross weight, the truck empty or "tare" and then the total weight of the corn I unloaded. I staple the moisture and test weight print out to their copy of the ticket and head back for another load. After my neighbor showed me how to use their scale, grain leg and moisture tester I am on my own. They are not even there! It sure is nice to be able to work with your neighbors.

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