Just a heads up, if corn on the cob puts a smile on your face, the trucks are out and selling throughout Southeast Minnesota, Iowa, Wisconsin, and Illinois.  And yes, those trucks have been spotted in Rochester!  (And if you need some fries and ranch dressing as a side with your corn, I've got the best of both in Rochester below too!)


Super Easy Corn on the Cob Trick Everyone in Minnesota, Iowa, Illinois, and Wisconsin Should Try

I love fresh corn on the cob but I absolutely hate all the stringy pieces of the shuck that are stuck on the yellow vegetable.  It always gets stuck in my teeth too which annoys me.

Next time you get some fresh corn on the cob, try out this amazing hack that I found on YouTube.  It will take you about 3 minutes and you'll end up with the best corn on the cob you've ever had!

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What's your favorite food to eat with corn on the cob?

Tis the season for amazing corn on the cob!  That's just one part of the meal though and you've got to have more to eat than just corn.  So, what do you love to eat with corn on the cob?  Let me know over on my Facebook page - Jessica On The Radio.  I'd be perfectly fine with a big 'ol ribeye as my side!

Chen Ping-hung ThinkStock
Chen Ping-hung ThinkStock

Love ranch dressing and fries?  Check out these top spots in Rochester to find the best!

11 restaurants in Rochester, Minnesota with the best ranch dressing

The condiment that midwesterners crave the most is ranch. They dip everything from veggies, burgers, fries, and cheese in this scrumptious sauce. But what restaurant in Rochester, Minnesota has the best ranch? According to some passionate ranch dressing lovers, we now know.

Top 8 Restaurants in Rochester with Amazing French Fries

There's just something a potato peeled just right that's fried to perfection that hits the taste buds in all of the right spots. If you love a good french fry with your burger, or you just want to have a plate all to yourself, July 13th is a big day for you. It is National French Fry day! Yes, our beloved potato has its own day.

I asked a bunch of people what their favorite places were in town to grab a fry...or two. I learned that we have some very passionate french fry fanatics and as soon as we posted the question, e-mails started flying in on the best spots in town. Here are the top picks!

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