I've always been a big fan of lawn care. As a kid my parents laid out the options of babysitting or mowing lawns for the summer and I chose lawn mowing. I find the process therapeutic, and the end result is a great looking yard and even better-looking tan. It's a win-win.

With the job comes a lot of plant spotting. Dandelions, thistles, and these random weeds that I never took the time to identify until right now. These interesting looking plants are Broadleaf Plantains.

This species persists well under frequent mowing and even seems to thrive in compacted soils along foot paths and driveway margins.

Ain't that the truth. My driveway has these poking up like crazy, and the stems of these plants can be seen in every corner of my neighborhood. The good news is that they are basically free salad. If you are into that...

The leaves of this weed are edible when cooked, or can be used as salad greens. EdibleWildFood.com shared:

 They are somewhat bitter and tedious to prepare because it’s generally preferable (though not required) to remove the fibrous strands before use. Many people blanch the leaves in boiling water before using them in salads in order to make them more tender.

They also shared that you can dry the leaves for herbal tea. I don't know how bold I am feeling if I would be willing to try this. Edible Wild Food shared some recipes (if you are feeling more adventurous than I) if you want to try this plant, like "chicken weed wraps" and "weed soup". Try it and let me know how it is.

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