Last year at the Rice County Fair, KDHL's Jerry Groskreutz was challenged to a lawn mower race by Sheriff Troy Dunn. But even before the races, Jerry was already taking a mower of a very different variety! Watch as Jerry tries out a one of a kind pedal power mower!

Long time KDHL supporter, and fan of poking fun at Jerry Groskreutz, Harley Manke of Manke's Outdoor in Owatonna is known to pull several pranks a year on Jerry, and usually a couple during the Rice County Fair. The now-infamous tan recliner has kept Jerry comfortable during his daily naps at the fair for a couple of years now, and is once again present at the KDHL booth this year. Last year, Harley decided that with all those naps, it was time to give Jerry a bit of exercise in his day and make a one of a kind mower for Jerry. We were able to dig up video of Jerry taking that mower for test spin just in time for a Throwback Thursday during the fair!

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