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A recent study reveals that three neighboring states to Minnesota are some of the least visited in the country. This was a study done by Thrillist where they found the 20 least visited states in the US. The three that are neighbors to us are North Dakota, South Dakota, and Iowa. No, Minnesota itself is not on the list.

I'm not surprised that Minnesota isn't on the list. We have so many things in the state that are tourist attractions like Duluth and the Mall of America. Sadly, I'm also not terribly surprised North Dakota, South Dakota, and Iowa are some of the least visited. Sorry neighboring states.

Out of the 20, North Dakota came in as the 12th least visited, Iowa came in as the 8th, and South Dakota as the 6th. So none are in the top 5 least visited states at least!

Here are the 5 least visited states according to research done by Thrillist:

5. Vermont - annual visitors: 13 million
4. Montana - annual visitors: 12.6 million
3. Delaware - annual visitors: 9.2 million
2. Wyoming - annual visitors: 9.2 million
1. Alaska - annual visitors: 2.53 million

I'm a little torn about Alaska taking the top spot. I'm surprised because Alaska is such a unique place but also Alaska is quite the trip and not cheap to get to so it makes sense that it came in at number one. I would love to visit Alaska someday!

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