It has been many years since I can remember a big rally in corn and soybeans between Christmas and New Years. Typically it is really quiet with low volume and very little change in prices. Not this year as we saw beans rally about 40 cents and corn 20 cents Tuesday. The CME grain and livestock trading schedule is a little different than the Christmas schedule as we look toward New Years Day.

On Thursday the grain and livestock markets will close at the normal time. Going into Christmas Eve they closed early at 12:05. The grain markets will open at 7:00 pm Sunday evening for the overnight session and the livestock markets will open the normal time Monday morning. New Years Eve day is a holiday for all University of Minnesota Extension staff so most local Extension offices will be closed Thursday and Friday.

I guess all the staff at the USDA Service Centers and Farm Service Agency offices will not begin celebrating the new year early. All USDA service Centers and Farm Service Agency offices will close at the normal time Thursday and will reopen Monday morning. Happy New Year!



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