Still have some of those campaign signs in your yard? If you don't take them down soon, you could wind up violating the law in Minnesota.


Did you know Minnesota has a law that regulates just how long you can display a campaign sign in you yard? Turns out, there IS such a law-- a little-known law, to be sure-- but a law none the less on the books here in the Land of 10,000 Lakes that does just that.

According to the Minnesota Secretary of State website, the law in question is actually a law that prohibits non-commercial yard signs throughout the year in Minnesota. (That'd be Minnesota Statute 211B.045, in case you're curious.) And it includes any of those political, candidate or campaign signs we've seen pop up in the last couple of months.

They're legal, of course, during the election season, from before the primary in August, through the general mid-term election Tuesday. But now that the election is over, the state gives you basically 10 days to take those signs down.

The Secretary of State site officially says, "For 2018, the period when local sign ordinances may not be enforced begins June 29 and ends November 16."  So, yeah, starting Saturday, November 17th, watch out-- the sign police could be coming for you!

Okay, maybe not. The City of Rochester website has more information on the local ordinances concerning campaign yard signs-- but it doesn't say what the penalty is if you're caught with a campaign sign in your yard after next Saturday.

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