The City of Northfield and the Northfield Public School District asked voters to issue bonds and impose a sales and use tax for separate projects and voters approved the school's request but not the city's.  The City proposed to construct a combination civic center and ice arena with the 17.8 million dollars that would be raised through a half of one percent sales tax and excise tas of $20 on each vehicle sold in Northfield over a 20 year time period.

A year after the Northfield Public School District asked for 109 million dollars they scaled back the request and were granted 41 million dollars to construct a new elementary school, turn Greenvale Park Elementary into a childhood education center and make improvements to Bridgewater, Sibley and Longfellow buildings.  The plan includes relocating the District Office to Longfellow and using the District Office space for more classrooms at the High School.

The vote was 8,874 in favor and 5,382 against the school district plan.  The city proposal was defeated when 4,358 people said yes and 5,421 said no.

Clarice Grabau defeated Greg Colby for the Northfield City Council Member at Large seat 5,095 to 3,395.

Suzie Nakasian ran unopposed to the Ward 1 Council seat.

Jessica Peterson White received 1,246 votes and Jon Denison 336 in the Council Member Ward 4 race.

Sculpture by Northfield Native Placed in Northfield. Photo by Gordy Kosfeld