For a number of years around Halloween the team at Reliance Bank in Faribault participated in a fund raiser for the Cancer Center in Faribault. Some of the more "artistic" employees painted pumpkins pink and then sold them to the public. All of the funds were then donated to the Cancer Center in Faribault. We are very fortunate to have the Cancer Center in Faribault. You would have a difficult time finding a family that has not be affected by cancer.

For many families the diagnosis of cancer is made in Rochester or the Twin Cities. There, an oncologist develops a treatment plan which often includes chemotherapy. It was a major issue for family members to drive their family member all the way to Rochester or the Twin Cities each day for chemotherapy. It is very convenient to only have to drive to the Cancer Center in Faribault instead!

The oncologist can monitor all the tests results and chemotherapy while the patient does not have to leave Faribault. By the way my "special" pink pumpkin with the John Deere tractor was painted by Todd Markman at the Reliance Bank in Faribault. Yes, the "special" John Deere pink pumpkin required a larger donation!

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