The scene from the freeway was dramatic. A large fire in the Leo Rudolph Nature Reserve lit the night sky. Several vehicles slowed down along the freeway to gawk (not a good idea). No reason for concern however, as the controlled burn was scheduled well in advance and done by the Owatonna Fire Department.

Have you seen Owatonna's newest fire engine? Scroll down and take a peak. Like Muscle Cars? Check out those pictures too!

Jenna Tuma, Senior Director of Parks and Recreation, City of Owatonna, said in a blog post at, "This controlled burn will be done by the Owatonna Fire Department. They will leverage this opportunity to conduct a training session. Such controlled burns benefit prairie areas by stimulating growth for grasses and wildflowers which improves habitats for nesting pheasants and nongame birds. It also removes old vegetation to make room for new growth."

In the blog, Tuma reports on other work taking place this fall, "Now that summer sports are wrapping up, Parks and Recreation staff has time to install new equipment, prepare areas for winter and take care of other maintenance items."

  • Mineral Springs Park play area will be modified.
  • Kaplan's Woods will have some nature play items added (from the Mineral Springs Park adjustments).
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