No need to hop in our DeLorean with Doc Brown as we travel back in time to 1977 and this September 27th The Price is Right episode that featured a Faribault-made item, that is still being made to this day. That item of course was a Faribault Woolen Mill blanket.

The episode was uploaded to Youtube by user David Gee that showed his wife winning a boat and Caddilac, but it's when Patricia gets to play her game called Keep or Give that we find a familiar item being featured.

The item that was highlighted was a Traveler Sport Blanket by Faribault that's 100% wool period, with you outdoors, keeps you cozy indoors during the energy crunch. From Faribault. Thanks, Johnny for that description.

Patricia kept the jewelry that was the other product featured with the woolen blanket, which has a retail value of $27. Patricia ended up winning that trip to Hawaii that was on the line by winning the game, but it's seeing that woolen blanket being featured that gives plenty of people who have worked at the woolen mill a smile on their faces as it was featured on the popular television program back in 1977.

While the traveler sports blanket isn't made anymore, the tradition of manufacturing woolen blankets continues here in Faribault made from wool, and like the Faribault Woolen Mill's website states, the products continue to be "a living testament to American craftsmanship."

What other shows or movies have you seen Faribault Woolen Mill blankets in? Let us know we'd be happy to feature them!

Also a tip of the hat to Brian Klier on featuring the video on the Facebook page 'You knew you grew up in Faribault when...' and gave the idea for this post.

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