Don't look for this familiar convenience store name anymore-- because you won't be able to find it here in Minnesota.

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For once, though, this isn't a story about a beloved Minnesota store going out of business-- which seems to happen a lot these days, doesn't it? But it IS the story of a familiar brand that won't be available anymore.

And that brand is Super America. It's going bye-bye across both Minnesota and Wisconsin and is being replaced by... Speedway. That's after SuperAmerica's parent company was sold to Marathon Petroleum.

Even though the SuperAmerica brand left Rochester nearly five years ago when it was purchased by the Holiday chain of stores, SuperAmerica still has about 170 stores and 2,000 employees across Minnesota and Wisconsin. Heck, we just stopped at one when we were up on the North Shore in Duluth a few weeks ago.

The good news is, nobody's being fired or laid off with this change. SuperAmerica's website explained it like this:

First of all, you’ll still be served by the same friendly employees in the same friendly locations. But you’ll also enjoy new benefits like Speedway’s advanced, secure pumps and easy-to-use Speedy Rewards program. All so you can get what you need—and get on your way.

And, yes, you'll be able to transfer your 'My SA Rewards' and existing points to a new Speedy Rewards card. (You can make that transfer to Speedway's rewards program HERE).

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