The Minnesota Department of Employment and Economic Development (DEED) issued a news release today announcing they awarded approximately $2.35 million in grants to infrastructure projects in Greater Minnesota.  A grant was awarded to Faribault from the DEED's Greater Minnesota Business Development Public Infrastructure (BDPI) Grant Program.

"Faribault receives $1,057,000 to assist Daikin Applied's expansion.  The expansion will provide sanitary sewer and water main infrastructure.  Daikin Applied will retain 500 full-time jobs and create an additional 132 full-time jobs.  This project will also help attract an additional investment and growth within the community and state."

The largest grant went to St. Joseph, $1,245,000 to "assist with the extension of roads, water and sewer service to create an industrial park and facilitate two business expansions which will create 24 full-time jobs.  Currently St. Joseph doesn't have a shovel ready industrial site and a new industrial park will help attract new investment and growth within the community and state."

The other grant goes to Jackson, $49,328 for "assistance with infrastructure improvements that will supply enough water and water pressure for future expansion of the current industrial park.  The future plan is that the new businesses will bring at least 10 full-time jobs."

"These grants demonstrate how state government and the private sector can collaborate to create greater opportunity and continued economic growth throughout Minnesota," said Governor Mark Dayton, "Working together these business expansions will support vibrant communities and create opportunities for growth in Jackson, St. Joseph and Faribault."

"These cities are laying the groundwork for future economic success while growing their tax base," said DEED Commissioner Shawtera Hardy, "By utilizing these BDPI grants cities around the state are improving their local economies."

"The BDPI grant program supports counties outside the seven-county Twin Cities metropolitan area.  Under the program, DEED awards 50 percent of eligible capital costs for the qualifying public infrastructure projects.  These projects include wastewater collection and treatment, drinking water, storm sewers and more."

Daikin Plant in Faribault- photo by Gordy Kosfeld
Daikin Plant in Faribault- photo by Gordy Kosfeld

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