This is a picture no farmer wants to see in the middle of October with a lot of corn and beans still in the field! The forecast on Friday was for today to be cool with partly cloudy skies. Saturday the forecast was for light rain and even light snow. I guess 4 or 5 inches is light snow! Going out to the farm this morning the County blacktop roads were so slippery I was only driving about 35 miles an hour. The next week looks really nice with clear skies and temperatures warming to near 60 degrees later on in the week.

I am sure you heard of or saw the pictures of 5 inches of snow or more in North and South Dakota. Some places the beans were covered with a half an inch of ice, then the snow and 40 mile an hour winds. I now know what it feels like!  At lease we did not get the ice on the beans with 40 mile an hour winds! This has been a difficult year for farmers with extreme weather. Lets hope the forecast holds for warm sunshine!