October is National Pork Month. In recognition of that the Minnesota Pork Board decided to try and educate Minnesota consumers about Minnesota's Pork Industry. A short documentary was produced featuring three Minnesota Pork Producers. The documentary is called Meat of the North. It highlights "all facets of the pork industry from the farm to an iconic Minnesota butcher shop to cooking it the right and most tasty way."

Minnesota has more than 3,000 pig farms. Minnesota ranks number 2 in pigs marketed each year. In 2017 about 16 million pigs were marketed. The documentary is intended to connect consumers with where their food comes from. It also points out what all those pigs in Minnesota means to local economies and jobs.There are many good jobs and careers related to the Pork Industry not to mention a huge market for corn and soybeans grown in Minnesota.

If you would like to meet a three Minnesota pork producer, see how they take care of their pigs and learn more about the pork industry go to the Minnesota Pork Board web site. There is a link to the documentary Meat of the North.


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