This motorcycle was in Hormel's booth at Pork Congress. It is the world's first bacon-fueled motorcycle. It has a three-cylinder 800 cc engine that runs on 100 percent Black Label bacon biodiesel. Most of the biodiesel that is blended in diesel fuel in Minnesota is made from soybean oil. However, biodiesel can also be made from animal fat or used cooking oil. For this promotion, fat from cooking bacon was used to make the biodiesel for the motorcycle. It was then driven around the United States for promotions.

This custom motorcycle was designed and built by custom bike builder and engineer Charlie Smithson owner of CS Engineering in Minneapolis. The diesel engine running on  biodiesel made from Black Label Bacon averaged 100 mpg. I did show the Hormel employees in the booth at Pork Congress that I did have a motorcycle endorsement on my driver's license. They still did not think it was a good idea to let me drive it!

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