I may not be the superstar mom when it comes to math and science things but there is one thing that I know everything about...bacon.  Still waiting on a kid to do a science project on that.  I am soaking up all the knowledge so I am the expert on all things bacon and my heart jumped for joy when it learned of the latest addition to the bacon world...ranch. ❤️

Hormel Foods is taking 2020, the year of disappointment for all of us, and turning it into the year of amazing bacon news.  If you missed it, a few weeks ago we learned that bacon-scented masks were being given away for FREE and the news actually broke the internet.  Hormel's website where you could enter to get a free bacon mask broke.

Now, Hormel Foods is adding a whole new type of bacon to our lives to help our taste buds have something happy in 2020.  Ranch.  According to their press release, they are taking their thick-cut Hormel® Black Label® and hand-rubbing it with the most-prized of all seasonings, ranch.

Ranch Bacon - Hormel
Ranch Bacon - Hormel

I know what you are thinking...2020 doesn’t suck as bad as you thought now that we have ranch-flavored bacon.

If you are wondering where you can find these precious packages of deliciousness, they are at select Walmart stores.

I haven’t been out shopping yet so if our Walmart store was one of the lucky ones selected, could you shoot me a message over on my Facebook page - Jessica On The Radio - and let me know?  Pretty please!

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