We're just two weeks away from Thanksgiving, and a new survey says there's one food we really don't like-- but we'll no doubt eat anyway again this year.

Maybe it's our 'Minnesota Nice-ness' in action again, but there's one food that usually shows up on just about everybody's Thanksgiving dinner table that we really don't like-- but we'll just go ahead and eat it anyway.

At least that's what this Instacart story says. What food is it, you ask? The turkey? The mashed potatoes? Maybe the stuffing? Wait, no-- it's gotta be the green bean casserole, right?

Wrong, wrong, wrong and wrong. It's actually... cranberries! Wait, what?!? The story says that, according to their survey, 69-percent of us "secretly dislike a classic Thanksgiving food but eat it anyway because of tradition," the story says.

And coming in with the most votes, at 29-percent, is, specifically, canned cranberry sauce. You know, the one that still looks like the inside of a can once you finally get it on a plate? Yeah, apparently nearly a third of us don't like it-- but, sure, we'll eat it anyway.

That's followed on their list by green bean casserole (29% don't like it); sweet potatoes (22% don't like it); pumpkin pie (21%) and turkey (19%). Once again, I pretty much like ALL of those foods. (And, come on, just who are those people who don't like pumpkin pie and turkey?!?)

If you don't like those Thanksgiving classics, perhaps you'd like to serve something ELSE at your Thanksgiving dinner this year-- a phenomenon that's becoming more and more popular. The story also noted that 30-percent of us (more than those who don't like canned cranberry sauce) have served something other than the traditional Thanksgiving dinner.

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