While we've been trying to stay warm down during this January-like cold snap, that same weather has brought a funky smell to parts of Missouri-- and they're blaming us here in Minnesota!

I've lived my entire life here in the Midwest, growing up in Wisconsin and now living here in Minnesota. And in both places, agriculture is a big part of each state. So, every now and then, you're gonna get that smell you can pretty much only get when you're down on the farm.

You know which smell I'm talking about, right? You got it-- we're talking manure here. Poop, basically. And while we might be used to that familiar smell here in the Land of 10,000 Lakes, apparently that's not the case if you head a few hours down I-35 to Kansas City.

Because according to this Star Tribune story, Kansas City has been enveloped in a cloud of foul-smelling, manure-enhanced air-- and they say it came from here in Minnesota.

The story says meteorologists in Missouri used some fancy whiz-bang technology to track the air patterns that have given us our recent cold snap. In addition to ushering in our cold air from Canada, they say those same currents then carried the distinct odor of manure-- which picked up from right here in southern Minnesota-- and deposited it over Kansas City.

Are you kidding me? Really? I have a couple of questions here. First, how do they KNOW that manure-enhanced air came from Minnesota? Can you really accurately track that kind of thing? And second, take a look at the map and tell me which state sits right between Minnesota and Missouri.

That's right, it's Iowa-- a state also known for its farms. So even IF you buy the premise that they can track the manure smell to a state north of Missouri, isn't more likely that it came from Iowa and not Minnesota? To be fair, one of the meteorologists in the story agreed that Iowa could have added to the odor, but still said it originated here in Minnesota.

I smell something, alright, but it's coming from that theory, not our farms here in Minnesota. You can read the entire story-- to see if you believe it-- HERE.

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