There are so many great family businesses in Minnesota. Many of them started after doing something that caused family, friends, and strangers to talk. Original Hockey Mom Brownies has a very similar story.

Yummy!!! Don't those look so amazing! I think I just gained five pounds looking at that picture! ;) According to Original Hockey Mom Brownies website, founder Patti made star-shaped brownies for her son's hockey team. She even went the extra mile and put all their numbers on them, which sparked the thought of a business. After years of perfecting the perfect brownie, Patti launched a food truck. Over the years she has found herself selling out of the food truck, doing pop-up sales, as well as at the Xcel Center. Business is so good, she is expanding again according to Bring Me the News.

This Facebook post was shared to spread the good news that a bakery in the works. The article says the bakery will be located at 1700 Grand Ave in St. Paul. There was no official opening date in the Bring Me the News article, but Facebook gave us a clue on that!

Thursday is the big inspection day for The Warming House by Original Hockey Mom Brownies. This post confirmed the name of the new bakery as well. It's very fitting sticking with the hockey theme. That means we will hopefully know soon when we can go check out the new location.

It looks like in the very near future, I'm going to be making a day trip to the Twin Cities just to test out these brownies everyone is buzzing about!

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