It's the first full day of the Steele County Free Fair! Last night's opening ceremonies including the flag raising saw some good crowds come into the fairgrounds, seeing all those people roaming about got me thinking about the seven types of people you'll most likely see while you are out at the Steele County Fair. Of course, not everyone falls into one of these categories/archetypes but in general, you'll probably identify as one of these people or you'll remember seeing one of these people out at the fair.

Amazed couple of tourists finding destination

The 'Out-Of-Towner/Tourist'

You'll recognize the out-of-towner/tourist almost immediately. They've got their fanny-pack filled with just about anything one would need from bandaids and hand sanitizer to multiple forms of payment, as 'they've never been here before, and you never know what you'll need'. The out-of-towner/tourist also generally will be a little anxious, and or weary of some things, like the bathroom, but open to spending $50 on a pet rock, as "they've never seen one like this before."

portrait of man farmer with chicken on poultry farm indoors

Barn Guy/Gal

You'll see the barn guy/gal in their element sitting on a lawn chair just inside the barn, hat on, relaxing and scanning the stalls for any signs of trouble from the animals. The barn guy or gal are more than willing to engage with you about their animals, or kids' animals and the latest news from the 'country'. You'll see the barn guy or gal outside the barns, generally coming from or heading back to the barn from the 4-H food stand or the show arena.

Young people listening to a concert of a muscian

Music Lover

The music lover is everywhere and nowhere all at once. They perch on the benches near the stages, tapping their feet, or simply closing their eyes and intimately listening to the music as it plays. It doesn't seem to matter what kind of music is being played either. They are just about the 'experience', and after a year of limited live in-person music, they are out to take full advantage of all the stages and musicians at this year's fair. It's a good idea to stay out of their way if they aren't on the bench as they are in search of the next great fair symphony.


Professional 'rider'

The Professional Rider is usually a teen, and already has their Passport to fun. They are only found in and around the midway/ride area and they like to RUN everywhere. If they don't have the passport to fun, check their wrists for a ride wristband if you aren't sure. You'll often see the professional riders with our next person you'll see at the fair, the foodie, as they are often at the fair every day there are rides available and the fair is open.

Multi-ethnic teenaged couple eating candied apples
Erik Isakson


The Foodie is in their element at the Steele County Free Fair. With hundreds of food options, they could literally try something new every day for each meal and or snack and not run out of options or repeat what they ordered. The Foodie doesn't always have a 'favorite' food item, it's generally a category or favorites. The foodies come in all shapes, sizes, and ages. They are the most common type of person you'll see in the afternoon and or evening at the fair.

attachment-RS36460_Stuffed Animals at Fair

Big Winner

The Big Winner stalks the midway, or fair booths with a giant stuffed animal on their shoulders or holding their newest ribbon. While there are just a few of these at each fair, their smiles are always a mile wide, and it could be raining or even snowing outside and they wouldn't know it as they are on cloud nine as they've been recognized as one of the best.

Word writing text Free Sample. Business concept for portion of products given to consumers in shopping malls Blackboard crumpled papers several tries mistake not satisfied wooden floor


The cheapskate lurks in the event centers and always has a plastic bag in tow, usually half full of every single free offering out at each booth, even if they don't make sense to have. The first thing out of their mouths when they walk up to a booth or meet someone is 'look what I just got!' or 'where did you get that?'. While there isn't anything wrong with this type of person, you'll often know where they have been, as there generally is a debris field nearby of plastic wrappers, or bags, with items strewn about.

So how many will you see out at the fair this year?

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