Minnesota, Land of 10,000 Lakes, amazing citizens, powerful winters, creative and fun State Fair (known as "The Great Minnesota Get Together"). Ohio. Land of...stuff, and, oh yeah, a fair that thinks they're better than us!

I'll admit its cute. I wouldn't say it isn't cute, but hey, Ohio, stay in your lane. Butter is a Minnesota State Fair thing, and if you think you can take us, you'll get creamed!

What's all the hubbub, bub? Simple. Butter. The Ohio State Fair is celebrating the 35th Anniversary of A Christmas Story with a butter homage!

Like I said, cute...but the butter sculpting thing? It is 100% Minnesota State Fair. Our butter sculpting goes back to 1898, Ohio's started in 1900. Obviously, some upstanding Minnesotan named Otto was visiting an aunt in Ohio and mentioned that, yes, it's true, we had what many people are calling amazing butter sculptures at our State Fair.

But Otto, being Minnesotan, didn't like calling attention to himself. So, when his aunt called others in to hear about this great butter sculpture, Otto reckoned that, sure, it's mighty nice, but Ohio probably has some fine butter sculptures themselves. They didn't, of course, but in two years, by gum, they made idea-stealing history.

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Photo by Scott Olson/Getty Images

I think it's envy. Then, as now, Ohio in envious of our very fine dairy farms. Over 3,400 in all. Ohio? About 2,200.

Sorry, Ohio...we'll let it slide this year, but next year try Miracle WHHHip!




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